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ENWR 1510: Accelerated Academic Writing: Sex & Gender

Department of English, University of Virginia | 2013–2014

A first-year college course in argument and rhetoric that taught academic writing through a thematic focus on gender and sexuality. In crafting my own curriculum, I selected readings to provide an introduction to gender and queer theory, with attention to current concerns in American culture (e.g., rape culture), and developed paper assignments to challenge students and encourage their implementation of course concepts into their own essay writing.

ENWR 2300: Writing Poetry

Department of English, University of Virginia | 2012–2013

An introductory creative writing class for undergraduates, for which I designed my own curriculum to teach analytic reading skills alongside the craft elements of formal and free verse poetry writing.


English 67C. Migrations: Imagined Climates: Writing in the Wake of Climate Change

Department of English, Harvard University | Fall 2020

Lead Instructor: Sarah Dimick

How do novelists and poets and essayists represent climate change? What kinds of futures do they project for our injured and shifting world? Through mysteries, spoken word poetry, science fiction, and other genres, this course confronts the representational challenges presented by planetary environmental crisis. Our focus is on the climate refugee and the myriad migrations and displacements of anthropogenic climate change. We also theorize how—and why—particular writers’ voices become central or peripheral within climate discourse. Authors include Octavia Butler, Cherie Dimaline, Barbara Kingsolver, Nathaniel Rich, Elizabeth Rush, Juliana Spahr, and Antti Tuomainen.

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