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Whether it's combing through an online archive or determining the most authoritative secondary scholarship, Jocelyn knows how to find just the right sources for any given topic. Below is a sampling of articles for which she provided the research.

"The Time Swedes Called in Gay to Work" — In 1979, homosexuality was still officially classified as a mental illness in Sweden, so a group of queer activists took advantage of that designation and called in gay to work.


"How All 50 State Capitals Got Their Names" — Learn the origin of the moniker for each state's capital city.

"8 Things You Might Not Know About Chester A. Arthur" — Get to know the "Dude President," back when "dude" meant "dandy" and it was unusual for the president to own 80 pairs of pants.

"10 Festive Facts About Holiday Greeting Cards" — New Year's cards trace back to the Middle Ages in Europe—but those were often delivered by servants.

"August Musger: The Priest and Physicist Who Invented Slow Motion" — In trying to fix the stutter between frames visible with early film projectors, an Austrian priest accidentally invented slow-motion technology.

"The Legend (and Truth) of the Voodoo Priestess Who Haunts a Louisiana Swamp" — According to legend, Julia Brown used say, "One day I’m going to die and take the whole town with me"—and on the day of her wake, a hurricane wiped out her town.

"18 Stylish Facts About Anthropologie" —  Their seasonal collections are built around imaginary women with names like "Silver" and "Aurora."

"25 Spirited Facts About American Girl Dolls" — Everyone told the brand's creator that her concept would fail. Instead, the characters became icons for a generation of women.

"14 Things You Might Not Know About Target" — People have been calling it "Tarjay" since 1962.

"14 Things You Might Not Know About U-Haul" — The trailers were originally painted black—until the founder got rammed in an intersection and decided orange would be easier for other drivers to see.